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 We got style (version 2)

Auteur(s) et Compositeur(s) : Frank Gorshin
Chanson en rapport avec : Grand galop

Kristi Cavanaugh , Caledonia Connor  - 2'45
version instrumentale  - 2'44

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Is my eyeliner straight
Do you think this shirt is out of date
I need a new pair of ugh boots
Cos winter's on the way
Can't leave home without a compact
Lost without my make-up purse
A grass stain is a tradgedy
A split seam is so much worse
The way some people dress
You just can't help but smile
But our taste is the best
We got style
We got style
Well, I have been to Europe
And I've studied the best
A broken nail is one sure way
To make a girl depressed
Where do people buy their clothes
Did they find them in a ditch
Life would be much nicer
If everyone was rich
Just like us
When people take my photo
I'm better in profile
You're better with your helmet on
We got style
We got style
Did you do something to your hair
You look taller today
It's because I have good posture
Which is better than slumping in the saddle, I must say
I don't slump
The camera really loves me
But not as much as you love yourself
Do you think this top suits me
What do you mean maybe
Well, as in a maybe if you were still twelve
Candy kiss, lipstick, eyeliner and blush
Nail file, polish, tweezers, cuticle shaper, hairbrush
I don't suppose you thought to bring a mirror
Uh, no. Can I borrow yours
As if
We've got the best riding gear that money can buy
We keep a credit card handy should something catch your eye
We love the summer sales, we love couture design
And the new season's cuts are simply devine
Sophisticated, elegant, classy, versatile
Chic, modish, so en-vogue
We got style
We got style
So seriously, do you like this top or not
It cost me 300 dollars
Is that all? Did you get it on sale
Yeah, mom took me to Milan in January
You know, you wobble when you ride, don't you
I do not wobble



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